If you’ve ever found yourself captivated by the charm of Ben and Erin Napier’s HGTV series, “Home Town,” chances are you’ve indulged in fantasies of making a move to Laurel, Mississippi – perhaps more frequently than you’d like to admit. (Well, let’s be honest, maybe it’s a weekly occurrence.) From the inviting small-town communities to the abundance of historic homes, Laurel stands as a quintessential Southern gem that has won our hearts.

But have you ever pondered the behind-the-scenes reality of renovating your home for the show? Thanks to a recent feature on Realtor.com, we now have fresh firsthand insights into that captivating experience.

From Mississippi to ‘Home Town’: The Journey of a Local Featured on the Show

This article provides an exclusive peek behind the scenes, offering insights into the casting process and renovation adventure of Rhonda Phillips. As a Mississippi native and the dean of the Honors College at Purdue University in Indiana, Rhonda took center stage in an episode during the fourth season of the beloved show.

“When I first came across the show, I was instantly hooked,” shared Phillips with Realtor.com. “This series not only focuses on revitalizing the town but also aims to restore the splendor of some of its older homes that have fallen into disrepair.”

Despite living away from The Magnolia State for several years, a severe storm in Indiana in 2019 prompted Rhonda Phillips and her husband, Jay Stein, to consider a move down South. Once selected for the show, Phillips faced the challenge of refraining from seeing her renovated home until the transformations were complete – no small task for eager new homeowners keen to witness the magic of remodeling unfold.”

Behind the Scenes: A Homeowner’s Perspective on ‘Home Town’ Renovations

Once all the contracts are signed, and your preferences are communicated, the design process begins—a true leap of faith, as explained by Rhonda Phillips.

In the interview, Phillips shares her unwavering trust in Ben and Erin Napier: “I had a high level of trust. The house we picked was in such bad shape; if anybody could fix it, it would be them and their team. And they did.”

With the Napiers at the helm, the couple’s new home was in capable hands. While the homeowner covers the costs of the house and renovations on “Home Town,” Phillips notes that the Napiers efficiently managed their budget, making the renovation affordable by taking on much of the work themselves.

Being part of a TV production came with the unique advantage of an accelerated renovation timeline. However, Phillips discovered the extensive effort behind every scene, with multiple takes sometimes needed to perfect even the briefest segment for the airwaves.

Upon the conclusion of filming, they were delighted with the transformation and aimed to maintain the home’s staged appearance as much as possible.

“I wanted to be on the show because I felt it would be special and a lot of fun, and I was right about both of those,” reflects Phillips on her experience. Read the full article here.

For an in-depth look at the Craftsman-era home renovations, known as the Holloway house, tune in to Season 4, episode 11 of HGTV’s ‘Home Town.'”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who covers the cost of furnishings on the show ‘Home Town’?

A. The renovation budget takes into account the expense of certain furnishings, as confirmed in a response on Instagram under HGTV HomeTown. Additionally, custom pieces are sometimes presented as gifts to new homeowners. The newly renovated houses also incorporate some of the new owners’ items.

Q. How can one become a part of the HGTV television show ‘Home Town’?

A. To be considered for ‘Home Town’ casting, HGTV suggests initiating the process with an email to contact [email protected]. It’s important for individuals to either be purchasing a house in Laurel, Mississippi or have plans to acquire a home in the town to be eligible for consideration.

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