In the ongoing pursuit of a developed nation, the crucial role of health cannot be overstated. As technology continues to permeate every facet of our lives, its potential for enhancing our well-being becomes increasingly evident. Credit goes to the Gujarat government for taking significant strides toward improving the health sector within their state, thereby propelling progress in the right direction.

One such impactful initiative is Techo, a progressive fitness application launched by the Health and Family Welfare Department of Gujarat in 2018. Dedicated to improving healthcare services, Techo has emerged as a beacon of development in the kingdom’s fitness infrastructure. This article delves into the Techo app, exploring its journey and the pivotal role it performs in transforming healthcare shipping.

The Techo app, an acronym for “Technology for Enhancing Community Health Operations Plus,” stands out for its consumer-friendly interface. It serves as a centralized hub, consolidating statistics from diverse health programs, which include the National Health Mission, the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, and the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. By bridging the gap between docs and patients, the app helps seamless connections and services, fostering a greater green and responsive healthcare machine for the advantage of the kingdom’s residents.

Journey of Techo+ App:

The inception of the Techo+ app traces back to 2009 with the launch of the Janani program by the Gujarat government, followed by the introduction of the Emamta program in subsequent years. Building upon the success of these initiatives, the state took a significant step forward by partnering with smSEWA Rural (NGO) and Argusoft India Ltd (Software Company) to develop and introduce ImTeCHO in 2013 in Bharuch.

Given the success of ImTeCHO, the state recognized the need for further refinement and improvements. In response, TeCHO+ was launched on October 8, 2017, by the Honorable Prime Minister of India. This revolutionary app addressed the challenges encountered in previous programs, positioning itself as a game-changer in the health sector by providing extensive health-related information and advantages.

Evaluation of TeCHO+ Over Conventional Methods:

The efficacy of TeCHO+ was rigorously assessed through a randomized trial conducted from 2016 to 2017 by SEWA Rural, in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat, ICMR, and WHO. The results speak volumes about the positive impact of the app:

1. A remarkable 61% increase in postnatal care for newborn babies was observed.

2. Exclusive breastfeeding cases witnessed a substantial growth of around 51%.

3. The app contributed to a significant 16% decrease in the infant mortality rate.

These findings underscore the transformative influence of TeCHO+ in comparison to conventional methods, showcasing its ability to bring about substantial improvements in maternal and child healthcare outcomes.

Continuum of Care with TeCHO+:

In addition to the existing health tasks seamlessly integrated into the app, TeCHO+ addresses a broader spectrum of healthcare challenges, showcasing its efficiency and versatility.

1. 0-5 Years: The app facilitates child registration, immunization tracking, and nutrition monitoring, along with providing a crucial screening process for cerebral palsy.

2. 15-49 Years: TeCHO+ supports eligible couple tracking, ensuring comprehensive care for the antenatal and postnatal periods, and offers family planning services to promote reproductive health within this age group.

3. >30 Years: The app extends its capabilities to non-communicable disease screening, covering hypertension (HTN), diabetes (DM), and various cancers (oral, cervical, and breast). This proactive approach enables early detection and effective management.

4. >40 Years: TeCHO+ actively contributes to the National Program for Control of Blindness, emphasizing the importance of eye health for individuals over 40 years old.

By encompassing a wide range of health concerns across different age groups, TeCHO+ emerges as a comprehensive healthcare solution, ensuring a continuous and tailored approach to individual health needs. This holistic continuum of care reflects the app’s commitment to promoting well-being throughout various stages of life.

TeCHO+ App:

Designed as a mobile phone application for point service data, the TeCHO+ app is an exceptionally user-friendly tool accessible to all residents of Gujarat. Renowned for its convenience, reliability, and speed, the app aims to enhance maternal and child health outcomes, as well as address issues related to undernutrition. Leveraging mobile phone technology, the primary objective is to optimize the performance of frontline health workers.

The TeCHO+ app facilitates real-time data entry by service providers during service delivery, ensuring accurate and timely information capture at the point of care. This longitudinal, digital tracking system specifically focuses on monitoring the health services provided to pregnant women and infants. Additionally, the app incorporates activity planning and scheduling features, serving as a reminder tool for Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) to plan for village health and nutrition days. ANMs and ASHAs are equipped with digital checklists to adhere to protocols during home visits.

Key Features of the TeCHO+ App:

1. Strengthening Home-Based Newborn and Young Child Care: The app actively supports home-based care for newborns and young children, emphasizing comprehensive healthcare.

2. Healthcare Tracking and Appointment Monitoring: Users can easily track their healthcare journey and monitor the development of their appointments through the app.

3. User-Friendly Registration: The application allows effortless user registration, providing access to a variety of health packages and benefits.

4. Seamless Appointment Scheduling: TeCHO+ enables users to schedule appointments effortlessly with healthcare providers, ensuring timely and efficient healthcare services.

5. Electronic Data Management: Users can conveniently store and retrieve their electronic health data, enhancing the accessibility and organization of their medical information.

The TeCHO+ app emerges as a multifaceted solution, blending advanced technology with user-centric features to promote better health outcomes and streamline healthcare experiences for the residents of Gujarat.

Uses of TeCHO+ App Over Conventional Methods:

Accessing tе unfolds a multitude of advantages, streamlining your healthcare experience:

1. Hassle-Free Health Access: The Techo+ app simplifies healthcare, eliminating barriers to access. No more disruptions in your healthcare journey.

2. Efficient and Prompt Approach: Experience swift and efficient care. Bid farewell to time wasted in waiting rooms—easily book appointments through the app and monitor them in real time.

3. Clear and Transparent: The app maintains clarity. All your health information is consolidated in one place, offering a straightforward way to address concerns and stay informed about your health status.

4. Accessible Health Records: Your health records are at your fingertips. Having the right information makes decision-making about your health significantly more straightforward.

5. Centralized Health Programs: Techo+ enables you to stay informed about various health programs. This ensures that the government can enhance healthcare based on effective strategies. It’s an effortless way to contribute to the betterment of healthcare for everyone.

6. Publicly Accessible Health Data: The app ensures transparency by making health data completely available in the public domain. This openness fosters accountability and encourages a more informed and engaged community.

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Improvements Achieved through the TeCHO  App within the Health Sector:

The TeCHO  app has pushed superb upgrades in key fitness signs:

1. Full Immunization: The app has performed a pivotal function in enhancing and promoting full immunization coverage, ensuring that more individuals, specifically youngsters, get hold of timely and complete vaccinations.

2. Sex Ratio: TeCHO contributes to tracking and improving the sex ratio, emphasizing the importance of gender equality and demographic stability.

3. Infant Mortality Rate (IMR): Significant strides have been made in lowering the IMR, showcasing the fantastic impact of TeCHO on maternal and toddler fitness effects.

4. Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR): The app has contributed to the discount of maternal mortality, emphasizing its effectiveness in enhancing maternal fitness and care.

The TeCHO app stands as a transformative device, revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by way of promoting accessibility, transparency, and tremendous health consequences for the residents of Gujarat.

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The TeCHO app stands as a testament to the visionary investment made by the Gujarat authorities in the destiny of healthcare inside the country. This forward-thinking method toward addressing health-related issues via era is not simplest commendable however also marks a giant jump ahead in healthcare innovation. By effectively bridging the space between doctors and patients, the TeCHO app has ushered in a new era of on-hand and efficient healthcare services.

This progressive initiative ought to serve as a beacon of proposal for other areas, encouraging them to include technological advancements in healthcare. The fulfillment of TeCHO underscores the potential for high-quality transformation when revolutionary answers are implemented in longstanding demanding situations. As we witness the advantageous impact of this funding on fitness consequences, it turns clear that such endeavors are not simply investments in the era but, more importantly, investments in the well-being and destiny prosperity of the humans of Gujarat.

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